Your chef, Catherine Rutter, has eleven years of personal chef experience and is a registered, licensed dietitian. Catherine learned her skills through apprenticing with The Food Fairy, a personal chef service in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. While refining her culinary abilities, she attended the University of North Carolina and received a Masters Degree in Public Health Nutrition. Hired as a fulltime chef with The Food Fairy, Catherine then applied her nutrition knowledge to accommodate her clients’ many special dietary needs and restrictions. These included diets for weight loss, cancer, diabetes, candida, pregnancy/lactation, Lyme Disease, kidney disease, and vegetarianism.

Originally from Ohio, Catherine decided to make the move North to be closer to family and start Kitchen Prescriptions. She designed Kitchen Prescriptions around the belief that certain foods can promote health and healing, like a drug. Creating food with great care and attention accentuates its healing properties. Many people lack the time to prepare the food they need for a healthy life, but Kitchen Prescriptions makes it available and convenient for everyone. These are the philosophies that helped to create Kitchen Prescriptions.